Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My retro top list

these are my favourite Retro tracks

-Tc Crew: Once Bitten once beats mix
-Risse : House train Chicago Mix
-Double 99 : Ripgroove feat top cat
-Outlander : The Vamp
-Tragic error : Tanzen
-My Mine : Hypnotic Tango
-joe T Vanilla : Play with the voice (original)
!!!This is NOT the trance version!!!!
-Random Cookie : Sharp as a knive feat Roxanne Shante
-indo Tribes : Owl
-Debbie Deb : When i hear music
-Jam & Spoon : My First Fantastic F.F.
-Lil Louis : Video Clash
-Format#1 : Solid Session
-Latour : People are Still having sex
-Casco : Cybernetic Love
-Ralphi Rosario: u used to hold me 80's edit
-King Bee: Back by Dope Demand
-Trackhead Steve : Music

and so much more...
But these were the tracks that pop up a lot in my sets

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