Thursday, March 6, 2008

Scott Cooper - 'Promotional Mix March 2008'

Good morning!!!!

The best way to start my second day of blogging is by posting a decent blog!!!!

This is a great mix from a very good producer and rising talent SCOTT COOPER

He has a few great releases already:

Black Science - Back To Filth (Punchfunk)
Chocolate Party - Sex (Christian Hoff & Scott Cooper Remix) (UMM)
Chocolate Party - Wicked (Christian Hoff & Scott Cooper Remix) (UMM)
Scott Cooper - Hangin with Mr Cooper EP (Wearhouse Music)
Sawtooth Sucka - Backing Town (Scott Cooper Remix) (Wearhouse)

be sure to check his mix


1 Maral Salmassi - 'Natural Fun (Zero Cash Mix)' //Television Rocks

2 Mowgli - 'Get Down (Hip House Mix)' //Mantra Breaks

3 Worthy - 'Copius' //Katabatic Records

4 Scott Cooper - 'Mad Run (Lee Mortimer Mix)' //Wearhouse Music

5 Natty Jack - 'Tech Buddy' //Wearhouse Music

6 Cooper & George - 'Pianoman' //CDR

7 Sawtooth Sucka - 'Sit Down' //Dotbleep Promo

8 Southside - 'Jack (Natty Jack Mix)' //Union Promo

9 Natty Jack - 'Jackin Da Garage' //CDR

10 Hijack - 'Possesed' //Potty Mouth

11 Jamie Wamie - 'Pianotight (Lee Mortimer Mix)' //CR2 Promo

12 Roisin Murphy - 'You Know Me Better (Trevor Loveys Vocal)' //EMI

13 Detboi - 'Gunshot Lean Forward (Jak Z & Andy George Mix)' //CDR

14 Nic Sarno - 'Elephant' //Jack Union

15 Hijack - 'Out There' //CDR

16 Jaksaw - 'Damn' //Union Promo


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